We are very excited that from this month we are using biodiesel from Naga Biofuels the help power our generator.

Naga Biofuels is a triple-bottom-line organization that strive to be socially responsible, environmentally friendly and financially viable, and supports some of the best charitable organizations in Cambodia. They process used cooking oil into two usable products; Biodiesel that replaces diesel fuel in engines, and BioCleaner that replaces gasoline for cleaning engine parts. With a strong focus on environmental sustainability their facility produces many times more energy than it consumes, and the energy produced is clean energy from recycled sources. The biodiesel is cleaner burning and the smoke emitted is healthier to breathe than petroleum diesel fuel. They are careful to recover all excess methanol from the biodiesel reaction and use the safest chemicals possible for biodiesel production. The only thing that exits their production facility is soapy water.

Naga Biofuels began as a program to supply clean energy to a new Visitors’ Center at the Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC), Cambodia’s leading pediatric training and health care facility. They also provide biodiesel to our friends at PEPY & Sangkheum. Soria Moria has over the past years donated all our used cocking oil to produce biodiesel to support this project. Naga Biofuel has now moved into a sustainable business model, where they are also selling biodiesel – and we at Soria Moria are very happy to be able to purchase this biodiesel to help power our generator.