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Welcome to Soria Moria Boutique Hotel!
Soria Moria is a small cheerful hotel with a special touch, located in the center of Siem Reap. The hotel was established in 2007 by a Norwegian couple with a strong interest in the sustainable development of tourism and several years of experience with living and working in Cambodia. In 2011 all employees were made partners and owners in the business, which makes Soria Moria the first employee-owned hotel in Cambodia.

The business idea
The initial idea behind Soria Moria was to combine a business opportunity with a strong focus on helping the community in which we work through various means, especially by contribution to long-term economic development. We actively support and encourage the interaction of guests and the neighboring environment, and by implementing this approach, we would like to create a win-win-win situation for all parties involved, where both the tourists, the local environment and the business itself will benefit.

Soria Moria is a social driven organization that applies market-based strategies to achieve a social purpose, where parts of the surplus are reinvested back into the local community. Gender equality is fundamental in the hotels organization and females hold more than half of the managerial and supervisor positions.

Our Commitment
Soria Moria has a strong commitment towards sustainable tourism development, and is committed to minimise negative environmental impacts and have positive impacts on the local culture and local economy, while helping to generate income and employment and share ownership for local people.

Through  Soria Moria Educational Development Program the local employees have become majority owners of the business; an initiative to empower through ownership. The share ownership is determined based on seniority and responsibilities in the hotel.  By being share owners, the employees are able to take part in the decision making process and share any profits made. It also enables the employees to take part in supporting the surrounding community. The long term goal is to maximize the social and financial benefits for the local staff by exploring ways to transfer the remaining 49% of the shares to the staff, expand the business, or a successful combination of both.


Our Team
The Soria Moria Team consists of 38 cheerful Khmers,  the 2 Norwegian Founders and we currently have 7 local trainees. From time to time we also take on international Internship students from The International College of Management in Sydney, or the Hotel School in Hauge.

Click here to read a more personal introduction about the management team members of Soria Moria –  some truly inspiring stories about people, who, with a a lot of determination and hard work, have managed to work their way out of poverty and up the career ladder.

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