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Below you can read an introduction to each of the management team members of Soria Moria Educational Development Program – some truly inspiring stories about people, who, with a a lot of determination and hard work, have managed to work their way out of poverty and up the career ladder:


Director of Soria Moria Educational Development Program:
Roeun Samnieng was born 10 January 1982 in Tatouk Village, Siem Reap Province. Both his parents were farmers. Due to the Khmer Rouge and civil war (Khmer Rough had a stronghold in the Tatouk area until 1995), Samnieng was not able to start primary school until he was 13 years. Samnieng’s father died in 2000, and since then Samnieng has helped his mother to support and take care of the family. He had 11 siblings, but 6 died during and in the aftermath of the war.  Samnieng is married to Ratha; they have just become proud parents to Sanyra. Samnieng started his career as a steward in Earthwalkers Guesthouse in 2004. His positive work attitude and willingness and ability to learn helped him to quickly climb up the ladder and worked his way up through the different departments. His days off was spent volunteering at projects with the Norwegian Educational Development Organization (NEDO) placing water filters and assisting in art classes for the children. In 2006 he started working full time for NEDO, and in 2008 he became the Project Manager of NEDO. Samnieng has just completed his associate degree, and is currently studying for his last year of a Bachelor of Finance and Banking at Build Bright University (Sponsored by NEDO).

Assistant Managing Director,  Soria Moria Hotel & Spa:

Sam Sokha, come from very difficult background her father is an x-soldier (now unemployed) and her mother is a housewife. She started her career as a housekeeping staff in Earthwalkers Guesthouse in 2002. Sokha showed genuine interest in learning and developing, and climbed up the ladder, through the various departments of the guesthouse. In 2005 Sokha completed a short course in Front Office at Paul Dubrule Hospitality School and in 2006 she was rewarded with a short course in Organizational Behavior at The International Tourism Institute in Thailand before she started her Bachelor degree in Tourism Management at Build bright University which she successfully completed in 2009. She is currently studying hard for a Master of Business Administration at Build Bright University in September 2010 and will major in Human Resource Management, sponsored by Soria Moria Higer Education Program. In 2011 she is a General Manager in Soria Moria Boutique Hotel.

In 2015 she joining the FK Norway stayed in Norway a year trainee at Quality Expo Hotel – Oslo, 336-rooms business traveler. All positions required serviced minded behavior from front office, reception and operational support to restaurant server and housekeeping including assistance and support to housekeeping management.

Her dream is to become a public speaker empowering and a role model for women in Cambodia, Sokha is a prime example of how a little support and a lot of determination and hard work can work a person out of poverty.


Front Office Manager, Soria Moria Boutique Hotel:

Sim Sakana (Sina), was born in 1984 Siem Reap province. She comes from a very difficult background. Sina has only completed grade 9 in secondary school, but despite lack of higher education, Sina has a lot of work experiences from some of the top hotels in Siem Reap, such as Angkor Village. She joined Soria Moria’s Front Office team at the opening in 2007. Sina spent one month on training in Bangkok, which gave her a great international experience and boosted her confidence. In 2015, she joined a short course about Team Leader with Possibility World. She was sponsored by Soria Moria Higher Educational program to attend General English Program at ACE center Education, in 2016.

In her future dream, she wants to become a good leader and empowering  and helping all women in Cambodia who have the similar background to her. Moreover she wish to attend University before she get 40 years old and she believe that she can do it.

Rooftop Bar Manager, Soria Moria Boutique Hotel:
Dalis Lous was born on 10th of August 1982 in Pouk district. Her parents are farmers and she has been living with her aunt in Siem Reap for the past 11 years. She has 6 siblings, and is single. Dalis has only finished 5th grade at primary school, but is a very bright and hardworking young lady. Prior to working at Soria Moria she worked at a snooker club, cleaning tables. At Soria Moria she quickly showed capacity and responsibility and became department head for housekeeping in 2009. She was voted the colleague (joint with Sochen) of the year in 2009 by the staff in Soria Moria. On her free time she is a tailor, a new skill she has acquired, and she is now also producing everything from clothes to pillows and lamp shades for the hotel.

 Founder of Soria Moria Educational Development Program:
Ken Oishi was born 04.01.1972 in Oslo Norway. He is of Norwegian and Japanese origin. Ken has a bachelor of Science in Engineering from Norwegian College of Information Technology (NITH, 1996). Ken has more than 15 years of experience in business development, management and corporate finance. He founded and managed multiple companies in Norway, such as Emode (now ASPIRO AB – publ), Rubics and Touch it.  Ken moved to Cambodia in 2006 where he founded NEDO (Norwegian Educational Development Organisation), where he is currently working on a volunteer basis, with responsibility to train local staff to operate the projects independently.  In 2007 he founded SEA property, an investment company operating in Cambodia. Ken is a proud father of Miyo Amalie, who was born at Kantha Bopha Children’s hospital in Siem Reap in 2009.

Ken has been the financial investor and sponsor, and made this project possible.

Founder of Soria Moria Educational Development Program:
Kristin Holdo Hansen
was born 10.01.80 in Sandefjord, Norway.  She holds a Diploma of International   Hotel Management from International Tourism Institute (1999), a Bachelor of Business, Tourism and Hospitality Management from the International College of Management Sydney  (2003) and a Master of International Business from Macquarie University in Sydney Australia (2005), and a specializing course in International Communications and Global Cooperation (distant learning) through the University of Mission and Theology in Norway (2010). Kristin was in 2009 selected as a Paragon 2009 follow by Foundation for Young Social Entrepreneurs (FYSE) and in 2010 honored with the first ICMS’s Distinguished Alumni Award. In 2013 Kristin was included in Rockefeller Foundation’s Next Century Innovators Awards 100 Innovaters Gallery.

Kristin has a solid international background in the hospitality industry through her work experience as a front office  trainee at Clarion Collection Hotel Atlantic in Sandefjord (1997-99) where she upon completion of her training period was asked to act as a temporary  Reservation Manager (1999), Host at Sydney Olympic Stadium and Sydney Opera House (2000), Function and Event Coordinator at Captain Cook Cruises (2003) and lecturer in Marketing Management & Consumer Behavior at Internationa Tourism Institute’s (ITI) campus in Thailand (2007). Kristin is also experienced with establishing new businesses. She was one of the founders of Earthwalkers Guesthouse, Cambodia (2002) where she worked as the General Manager in the development stage.  She functioned as the Country Manager for Worldhotel-link Cambodia in the development stage (2006) and founded and established Soria Moria Boutique Hotel (2007) where she currently acts as an Educator and Sustainability Adviser.

Kristin has travelled extensively around the world, and has a strong interest in Sustainable Tourism Development and Social Entrepreneurship. She initiated Earthwalkers Cambodian Fund (now closed) and Soria Moria Higher Education Program (SMHEP), and is also an ambassador for Norwegian Educational Development Organization (NEDO) and Sangkheum Center for Children.

Most of all Kristin enjoys spending time with her daughter Miyo Amalie, who was born in Siem Reap in 2009.

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