We are looking forward to celebrate Santa Lucia Day in Soria Moria next week, on Tuesday 13th December 2011.

We are very excited that this year 21 children from TOGETHER FOR CAMBODIA will be joining us for the Santa Lucia celebration.  The children have eagerly been practicing the Santa Lucia Song and the Lucia Parade, which they will be performing in our restaurant at 18.00.

Since Santa Lucia Day falls on a Tuesday this year, it coincides with our weekly Ladies Night. The evening will continue as usual on our Rooftop with a Christmas Theme, and Gløgg (Gluhwein/Mulled Wine) & Lussekatter (Lucia Buns) will be available. As usual for Ladies Night, we offer a free drink for all ladies.

To boost the Christmas spirit, Deborah Lea Knight from Australia will be performing Christmas songs live in the Rooftop Bar!

The performances are free of charge, but donations towards Together for Cambodia are welcomed. We will also have a Raffle, with some nice “Christmassy” prizes to be won. All proceeds from the Raffles will be given to Together for Cambodia.

We look forward to see you there!

The Legend about Santa Lucia.

St. Lucy was born in Syracuse, Sicily around 283 and died in 303 AD. The legend is that her parents wanted her to marry a man who she didn’t want to marry. She wanted to devote her life to helping the poor. In protest against the marriage, she poked out her eyes and put them on a platter and sent them to the man. The legend says that her eyes were miraculously restored. It’s said that Saint Lucia blinded herself on the shortest, darkest day of the year, which is the Winter Solstice.

This day is very significant in Scandinavian countries. There, in December, the daylight time is very short and darkness and nighttime very long. Lucia is another way of saying “Lucy”, which literally translates to “light”. After the Winter Solstice the days get longer, and Santa Lucia Day is a celebration of the coming lengthening of the days.

The Santa Lucia Day is celebrates in schools and other public places with “Lusiatog” (Santa Lucia Parade) where the children dress in their white costumes and sing songs. They also pays a visit to hospitals and elderly care centers to spread some joy and Christmas spirit by handing out Lussekatter (Lusia Buns and cookies) and singing the Santa Lucia song.  Each year in every school, one lucky girl is selected to be Santa Lucia, dressed in a white robe with a red sash and wear a crown of candles on the head. The other girls wear dresses in white with silver crowns, and the boys wear pointed hats and carry wands with starts…

About Together For Cambodia:

Together for Cambodia’s main goal is to provide a safe and nourishing environment for the children, including education and health, so that these children can grow up to be responsible adults with qualifications and skills that will enable them to become valuable and productive members of their community.

The project supports over 40 vulnerable children with housing, schooling and activities. They work closely with the departments of Social Affairs, Immigration, Child Exploitation, Human Trafficking and Child Abuse, and receive support from international organizations such as CEOP and APLE.

“In accordance with TFC Child Protection Policies, you can not hug, kiss or touch the children, don´t take pictures of them and to speak with them some of the TFC staff should be present. Thank you for your help protecting the children”.

For more information about Together for Cambodia’s Regulations and Child Protection Policies, click here.




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